First Week of Spring

Photo by Cynthia August Images

I still have snow in my yard. Flurries the past few days, even though the birds are returning. What’s the deal? Well, it is New England!

I hoped to get my own garden cleaned up before I start on anyone else’s gardens, but there’s snow on the ground. Guess it’s like the cobbler and the shoes…when you’re a landscape designer, your own garden is sometimes the last to get attention.

Right now, I’m getting ready for the big seasonal push for maintenance of established gardens. As spring continues and summer unfolds, the work will change.

In the next few weeks, I’ll open perennial gardens for clients:

  • Cleaning up leaves from last fall
  • Cutting back roses and vines
  • Checking for broken branches and pruning shrubs
  • Pushing down the root ball of any perennials that heaved up out of the ground over the winter due to frost
  • Applying weed control
  • Connecting with clients for garden changes

In the spring, I do this work myself. Experienced seasonal team members come on board mid-June, so I’m solo for the first few months.

The work gloves are ready and my boots are laced up. Catch you soon!

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